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Adult Volunteers

Our volunteers are an integral part of the youth ministry. In order for our youth to be personally seen and known, we need a number of adult volunteers who can help create this type of environment. 

There are three different levels of involvement volunteers can participate in:

1. Core Team (Middle School or High School)

2. Parent/ Guardian Support

3. Prayer Team

The safety of our youth receives top priority. Therefore, all volunteers working with the youth are vetted through an interview with the youth minister, DOSA background check, and must complete Protecting God's Children VIRTUS Course.

If you are already cleared by the Diocese


There are no additional steps you need.

  • Your application will be subject to approval of the Director

  • An interview and references are REQUIRED

  • Your fingerprinting must be up to date 

If your fingerprints or your MVR are out of date, the Safe Environment Coordinator will let you know so everything can be brought up to date.

If  you are not cleared by the Diocese


Here are the additional steps you must complete BEFORE you are able to volunteer with us. 

The Youth minister will help you through this process. Please first fill out the inquiry below before beginning these steps

Levels of Volunteer Involvement:


Core Team:

This group of adults is important. They will be the face of the ministry to the teens they encounter. These adults provide a greater commitment to the ministry due to the frequency of the events. They will either be assigned to Middle School or High School Ministry based on their skill set, gifts and preferences. There are different areas core team members are able to serve.

     Core Team Subsets:

  • Youth Nights: these adults will be present at the youth nights each week. Either being the leader of a small group or accompanying the leader of that small group. They may be asked to lead prayer, the game, or give a talk. Throughout the night, they are to uphold the foundations of the "art of welcome"; getting to know the youth while maintaining a safe and open environment. 

  • Discipleship Groups: During the week, small groups with special topics will be provided to the youth. This could be topics such as CST, Sainthood, Scripture, or anything faith related. These topics must be approved by the youth minister. These adults are to work with the youth minister on planning and implementing the teaching.

  • Mentorship: Our Faith is a journey and to ensure that each youth feels they are accompanied, the youth ministry wants to offer an opportunity for the youth to grow personally in their faith. . This mentorship should occur once a week or two before or after a youth event. ​​

* Core Team Members may be asked to participate in other events such as retreats and diocesan events where small group leaders are needed. A training for core team members will occur once a semester- all involved are required to attend.


Parent/Guardian Support:

This group is utilized for extra assistance when needed. Additional chaperones for youth nights, events, food preparation, environment preparation, or trip chaperoning. Based in their skills and gifts, they will be utilized where it is most helpful.

This may also be those who wish to donate to the ministry. This may look like: providing food for youth nights/ smaller events, donate snacks, or anything for the youth room or the ministry itself. 


Prayer Team:

This group is asked to set time aside each week to pray for the Youth Ministry and its members. They will regularly emailed a list of prayer intentions.

Each of these team members are greatly appreciated and needed.  We understand this is a big commitment, therefore if you are able to commit to most but not all of the events, no worries! We would still love to have you. Please just express these concerns when inquiring about volunteering.

Please click the inquiry to fill out our form. Once this step is complete, the youth minister will contact you to set up a time to meet. 

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