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High School Ministry

All current 9th-12th graders are welcomed!  We understand each youth is on a personal journey with God and we, as a ministry, strive to offer many different opportunities to walk with them. From our weekly youth nights, discipleship groups, youth leadership opportunities, service events and diocesan events; there is something for every youth to connect with. 

If you have any questions, please email the office at

2022-23 Registration Forms

 For the safety of our youth and volunteers, each school year we require new registration forms for every youth participating in our ministry. If you and your parents have not yet filled out these forms, please do so ASAP!


If you have any questions, please email the office at

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We are currently not asking youth to lead any events at the moment. Once the youth ministry is build up more, we would be happy to have youth lead! Please feel free to still fill out the inquiry below and once we begin our leadership opportunities, you will be contacted by the youth minister.

Please note that the leadership opportunities are not consistent and may only occur ever so often. Service hours are not given unless it is aiding in a middle school youth night, discipleship group, or retreat- as those events will require more from a youth. Things such as giving a talk and leading a prayer or game may not receive service hours. 

To give the opportunity for our youth to dig deeper in their faith, we will be offering  disciple groups throughout the school year. Each semester, a new study will be offered tot he youth. These may include-  but not limited to- a bible study,  a series on Catholic Social Teaching, Theology of the Body, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and more!

Please note that we are not offering any groups at this time. When we start to offer them, information can be found on the website, Instagram, and weekly email.

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